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Information on the Stock Market and Independent Research

We offer information for stock market enthusiasts and provide independent and unbiased research on the financial markets. Our various sections include many insider tips and tricks to assist you navigating through the stormy waters of Wall Street and the financial markets. 

There is question that the opportunities in the stock market can be unlimited. However, listening to the deafening barrage of clueless commentators, relying on biased analysts and brokers can deprive investors from the stock market's upside, respectively open them up for serious risks.   
Our focus at the Independent Stock Review  is to give investors a chance to assess the risks in investing by highlighting what's behind the numbers. Knowledge is power in  the world of investments. Rely on ISR's critical and objective analysis and subscribe.


What's Inside Independent Stock Review?

ISR is issued on a bi-weekly basis and reviews most widely held stocks  from a fundamental and valuation perspective. Typically, 8 stocks are featured in each issue evaluating the financial and business strengths or weaknesses of publicly traded stocks.
ISR also includes a comment on the direction of the overall market, insightful statistics, economic updates and special alerts on widely held stocks (i.e. a sharp increase in insider selling within a particular company).
Other Services

In addition to the bi-weekly newsletter ISR offers other products and services, including:

pfeil Portfolio Evaluation

pfeil Due Diligence/Risk Monitoring for Widely Held Stocks 

pfeil News Alerts 


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A major top was formed in the stock market indices over the past year. The slide in China was a precursor of things to come globally.
[January 21, 2015]

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